Linda Storvakor
Linda Stovakor
Character background
Allegiance Wylak
Place of birth Barelsh Wylak
Occupation Owner of Light Sword Tavern

Former adventurer

Class Barbarian
Character type NPC
Alignment NG
Physical attributes
Race Human
Age 27
Height 5'11"
Weight 170

Linda Storvakor Is NPC from the hainstone campaign. a former Soldier/ Adventurer and Owner Of The Light Sword Tavern in Hainstone, Wylak.


Linda used to be a member of the resistance against Kireboden. Having left on a merchant business for her father she was spared the fate that befell her home town of Barelsh. When her caravan returned, all that was left of their former lives had been razed to the ground. Burying her loved ones and taking up her lovers axe. She swore revenge on the armies of Kireboden.

Having set out on her quest, she joined up with the militia formed from the refugees of war. After fighting her way through the war, she traveled on a quest to find a new home. Ten months before the PC's Adventure started, She stumbled upon Hainstone . Half dead and barely breathing she was nursed back to health. She decided to put her days of fighting behind her and rebuilt the destroyed tavern. Since then she has become a cornerstone of the community. 

One month after the start of the PCs Adventure, Hainstone fell under seige by a group of bandits. Picking up her lovers axe once more, she attacked their encampment and managed to take out their leader along with most of their numbers, but was severely injured during the fight..During the battle she discovered several cages filled with captives. seeing reinforcements she flees the encampment, She regrets not being able to save them at the time, but vowed to return.

History with the PC'sEdit

Linda serves as the PC's main contact in Hainstone. Recovering from her injuries. She meets the PC's as the arrive to seek shelter for the night at her inn. Becoming Instantly enamoured with Sacred River . She requests that they finish what she started. River and Khaj'Zir agree and rest for the night. They managed to break the siege, All the prisoners she had mentioned had been taken away save for a single family. While searching the camp for treasure they come across a letter as well as some ledgers. They return with the family to The tavern. Waiting for the blacksmith to finish their new equipment. They use the time to pour over the documents finding out that a number of prisoners were transported to a cave in the mountains. They leave to investigate.